Sunday, April 1, 2007

Sassy Girl Scarf

I don't pretend to be a skilled knitter. I like to use knitting as a way to meditate, and I need to work on easy, repetitive projects that don't require counting, making swatches, etc.

I made about 6 scarves for the Red Scarf Project.

I think this one turned out the best--it is made from Sassy Girl Yarn, available at Hobby Lobby. Regular price=$9.99/skein, 1 skein makes a scarf about 60 inches long. Watch for sales at Hobby Lobby--I got this stuff for about $3.99.
I used a simple pattern of 2 rows garter stitch, 1 row twisted drop stitch.


WK said...

It looks like a fun scarf. It also looks great for a college student. It is also so like you to generously make scarves for others.

I understand the need to keep knitting simple as a way to relax after/during a stressful day/week/year. My first two years (OK, 22 months) of knitting were limited to sample squares and scarves, many of them garter stitch. I only started non-rectangles after my job wasn't so stressful. I think knitting is a very healthy thing for you to do.

Jay Queue said...

I completely agree with what Wendel says about knitting being a healthy way for us all to de-stress. I am more likely to de-stress by knitting something more complicated than I can easily do because it forces me to think about something other than what's bothering me. I do the same thing when I'm de-stressing by baking, or whatever.

WK said...

Yes, but you are the freak that does that amazingly fine and complex counted thread work. I don't think your behavior is typical of mere mortals.

Jay Queue said...

Oh, I wasn't suggesting I was normal and everyone should do my thing. I was just sharing my apparently freakish tendencies.