Saturday, April 14, 2007

Easy baby bib pattern

Here is the baby bib pattern that is sort of like the Mason Dixon baby bib. I think you could adjust the sizes easily for a larger child.

There are variations in the pattern if you want to use different sorts of yarn. I think this make a nice baby gift for the work acquiaintance.

Of course, if you like to knit baby stuff, there are many worthwhile projects like The Preemie Project too.


WK said...

Thanks. I now need to pay attention to baby knits again since I just found out a cousin is expecting twins. They aren't due until November, so I have some time, but I don't think I can manage two baby blankets (without all other projects stopping, like last year). I welcome your suggestions...

Jay Queue said...

This pattern looks great! I need to get the hat I started today and a bib made before next Saturday. This means BBBB #3 is on hold again for a few days.

Thanks a ton for the suggestions!