Saturday, April 14, 2007

Dog knitting is THE BEST

I got this book yesterday, and it is #2 on my list of dog knitting books already. And it is #1 for cats. There is a purple and fun fur throne in this book. How many cats don't need that? Especially Siamese cats.

There are also some really easy patterns, and ways to use up novelty yarn. The cartoons are funny and the measuring instructions are pretty complete. I will make a few things from this book right away.


WK said...

I'm looking forard to seeing pictures of finished items being modelled!

Jay Queue said...

These looks like a cool book! I am also looking forward to seeing some photos of finished items on cute little kitties and doggies. Just let me know if you need a larger model than the ones that live at your house and I'll send his measurements! ;)