Monday, April 9, 2007

Another Sock Project - Finished!

I finished the baby socks tonight. I don't have a suitably-sized model on which to show off my knitting (unlike some co-bloggers!), so I stuffed these with a tissue each so they'd stand up and look nicer. I need to make things for people who live in the same house so I can have models for my stuff! Who knew?

Anyhow, it took me longer than I anticipated because I didn't knit everyday since my last post. So I suppose they took about the same number of hours I expected them to, but it took me more days to get those hours in. These are the first pair of socks I have knitted any kind of a pattern into, and I think they came out pretty well. They have a very nicely even scalloped edge at the top, which I like.

I enjoyed making them and have learned that knitting socks (or probably anything else) with a pattern/lace doesn't seem to have to be as terrifying as I initially thought it would be. I took one photo of the cute little socks with a quarter, so you can get an idea of the scale.

I do have some pretty darn crooked size 1 double-pointed-needles to show for my work, though. Since this is the first project I've used them on, I fear for their lives. I do tend to make even the sturdiest looking embroidery needles curve, but somehow I didn't expect it from bamboo. Do you both end up with curvy needles? Am I just being obsessive about tension, perhaps I need to relax in order to save my poor needles?


WK said...

One of my size one bamboo needles has a very slight curve to it (after 3 pairs of adult socks). I am trying not to grip that tightly, but sometimes fail. You may want to try metal (which is slippery for some yarns) or a hardwood. Or just keep buying new sets as you bend the needles too far. My size 0 needles are metal and I have used them for a couple of wool socks without much problem. I found them too slick for the wool-cotton socks, but that could just be me.

I think stuffing the socks with paper worked really well.

Jay Queue said...

I think you're right about getting metal or hardwood needles.

Jay Queue said...

Well, I hit submit before I intended.

I was going to say that I'd picked up a set of metal needles to make a pair of "good luck, test-taking" socks for Tortuga Lad, so I'll find out how slippery they are soon. I hope they work OK for me, I've heard that some knitters prefer them because of speed, but I don't really think I need to go super fast since this is supposed to be a relaxing hobby, not a race.

Right? We didn't agree to race, did we? :)

WK said...

Yes, this is a relaxing hobby, not a race. Especially since I don't think I'd win if we actually went head to head.