Monday, April 2, 2007

BBBB #3 -- Second Installment

So, I don't have a photo this time to prove that I've made progress on BBBB but I've been knitting in between everything else I had to do this week. I knitted in the waiting room of the pediatric dentist, I knitted in the waiting room of my dr., and I knitted while waiting in line at 6 am on Saturday morning at the Y (and again at registration at 9 pm), and I knitted while waiting for the piano lesson do be done. The blanket is now 6 1/4" long and I'm 1/2 way through the 2nd ball of yarn. Not bad, I think I'll be done by the end of April (or that's the goal).

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WK said...

It sounds like you are making good progress. On most projects, it seems like all I get to say is "well, another inch/X number of rows done". My baby blankets seemed to take forever. especially the first one. Especially the edging. I think it took years last spring/summer.