Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Checking In

OK, I have been absolutely awful at keeping up with putting on new posts here. I keep getting derailed by the "sudden" need to knit baby gifts. I have several projects (and photos) to add, but I have to get everything together first. Since I last posted, I knit a lace scarf, a hat for TL, several baby gifts, and most of a cardigan for myself. I am actually working on the sleeves, so I should be done before I take a trip in June. That's my current goal.

So, I'll do my absolute best to get more posts here, including photos of "old" projects by the weekend. Probably I'll have time on Saturday while TL plays a video game with his best buddy.

Saturday, May 3, 2008

Knitspeak: an A to Z Guide... - review

First of all, I just want to say that I hate titles which combine two distinct words into one. The title of this book should be Knit Speak not Knitspeak!

This book is a complete waste of time & money. Everything in this book is very basic, and most of the content can be found in any basic knitting magazine, book, or Knitty.

The other serious problem with this book is the format:
small size
should be spiral bound, so you could leave it open to refer to it
booooooring, black, white and blue colors inside

Don't even bother looking at this one.

Vogue Knitting - The Ultimate Sock Book - review

Ok, I know it is sort of hilarious for me to be reviewing a sock book, when I have never a) knit a sock b)even tried c)learned to use DPNs. This book has the feel of many other Vogue knitting books--beautiful illustrations--high price tag--lots of ideas, but it's a little bit weird. I like lists, so here goes:
1. The techniques illustrations are useless. The attempt to make small, artistic little drawings fails.
2. Gorgeous photography makes you want to try everything.
3. Brief history of knitting socks is interesting. I am not generally a big fan of history, so that's saying something.
4. Uses a variety of yarns--always a plus in my book.
5. There is a fairly nice sock yarn chart by weight, but of course it covers the high-end brands only.
6. Many techniques are covered: toe up, cabled top, ribbed, lace, argyles, etc.

Recommended for the advanced knitter, or sock lover. Check it out at the library first--$29.95 is a lot for a book unless you really love it!