Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Checking In

OK, I have been absolutely awful at keeping up with putting on new posts here. I keep getting derailed by the "sudden" need to knit baby gifts. I have several projects (and photos) to add, but I have to get everything together first. Since I last posted, I knit a lace scarf, a hat for TL, several baby gifts, and most of a cardigan for myself. I am actually working on the sleeves, so I should be done before I take a trip in June. That's my current goal.

So, I'll do my absolute best to get more posts here, including photos of "old" projects by the weekend. Probably I'll have time on Saturday while TL plays a video game with his best buddy.

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WK said...

I also have a bunch of stuff I keep meaning to post about. We were both unsuccessful about last weekend. Maybe this week I can do something....