Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Learning, learning

After 2 years, I still am only at the scarf/hat/dog sweater level. I think it is because I knit to relax, and I am usually doing something else like watching trashy tv or riding in the car. Or maybe, it could be my fascination with new gadgets.....today I got a new cell phone, a Nokia 6265i.

It has EVERYTHING--camera, video,calendar, etc. If I can get it all to work, (and that is a big if), I can use it to take pictures of my knitting, right? Or, learning to use the damn thing will take all of my free time....too soon to tell if I like the phone or not, but it does seem sturdier than my Razr....replaced 3 x in a year.


Jay Queue said...

I love new gadgets! My new phone has expanded my whole music and photo life. It's a SonyEricsson 810i and seems to have many of the features of your Nokia, but mine doesn't have more than a rudimentary calendar. All of the photos I've posted to our blog were taken on my phone!

I think you can do it in less than 100% of your free time!

WK said...

I like new gadgets for a short time, but my attention span isn't that long for electronic things. I am much more smitten with fiber and color and books. I am really impressed, JQ, that all of your pictures were taken with your camera. I have a camera in my phone but it isn't as good as my regular camera and I haven't tried to get better. I also am too cheap to get the pictures off my phone.

Jay Queue said...

We didn't get the phone for the camera, we got it for the walkman features. MM got the same phone, I actually copied him. We don't have to pay to get anything off the phones, they came with USB cables and some software, so I just download them. It's just like downloading them from my camera, except the USB also charges the phone battery. I think the phone camera is a 2 megapixel one.

Sari said...

The reason I picked this phone was because you can remove the memory card to take stuff off the camera--I am also too cheap to pay the cellular company....besides, I need lots of memory for all the songs.