Sunday, May 27, 2007

Great yarn sale

I found a fabulous book at the library called Knitting in No Time by Melody Griffiths. Most of the patterns look easy to follow, and are for practical things like bags, shawls, ponchos. There are also some creative uses of knitting with -ahemmm-- jute for a market string bag and ripped up fabrics. I got a lot of ideas, and realized that I would have to buy some more yarn before starting any projects.

Most of my stash consists of single skeins that I purchases for dog sweater/accessory projects. Well, I found out about a site called Little Knits that seems to be having a fantastic sale on Noro, etc. Payday is coming up and I am going for it.


WK said...

Thanks (I think) for the yarn website. Are you thinking of a sweater or a poncho or what? Out of Noro? I am looking ofrward to learning what you decide to get!

Jay Queue said...

This site looks really dangerous! I think I "need" to have several things on there, but I have to wait for pay day, too. I don't know if I should bookmark the site, or hope to forget where it is! ha ha

Do please let us know what you get and what you're planning to do with it!

By the way, we took the dog to the dog park yesterday and since it's warm here, he got hot. When TL saw him panting and lying about, exhausted, he said "Hey, [the dog] is hot, we need to ask Sari to make him a bun-shaped sweater!" Thought you'd like to know he was thinking of you! :)