Monday, May 7, 2007

Copying WK - 34

WK has posted about her LibraryThing page, so I decided to blatantly copy her. I started my page on March 1, 2007 (no, I don't just remember, it tells me when I'm logged in), but I haven't gotten nearly as far as she has in getting all of my craft and/or textile related books on there. My LibraryThing only has 34 books in it, but I know that I have more. In fact, if I glance to the right, they are sitting on a shelf, staring at me. I must not have knit enough today, I'm starting to get stressed about not getting them all added yet. It's a hobby, I can do it as time allows ... must keep remembering that.

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WK said...

That's so fun seeing your books too! Some of your books reminded of a few things I don't think I have added. They must be somewhere around the house ... Our bookshelves have been rearranged too many times in the last few years.

I really like the Vintage knits books. I have been considering it for a while.

Also, we share at least 5 books. I'm not sure why 2 aren't matching up. hmmmmmm