Monday, May 7, 2007

Cables, weekend

Well, not the kind you're expecting. I have forgotten where I put the cables to connect my phone to the computer. This means that the great shots of the Breathe, Relax socks being modeled are stuck in there until I can get my brain to work. Hopefully, I'll remember today and post the photos tonight.

I did not contribute to the blog over the weekend because TL was sick with two things at once (pink eye and upper respiratory infection), and so my energy was elsewhere. I'll write up some notes on the TL sweater and post it later today. I did have to make a run to the bookstore because TL finished the novel he was reading and was desperate for the next book in the series. While there something WK mentioned forced me to look at the magazines, a section I studiously avoid in bookstores in order to protect my wallet. So, for the first time ever, ta da, I flipped through and purchased a knitting magazine! I actually got two. I picked up Vogue Knitting and Interweave Knits. I think I may ask my knitting teacher if she thinks I can handle one of the cardigan projects for myself, and the other has entrelac instructions and directions for entrelac socks. Who could resist? Also, there are some cute baby projects in there.


WK said...

I hope TL is feeling better.

I really like Eunny Jang's socks too. Did you know she is the new editor of IK?

Which caridgan(s) are you thinking of making? I would guess the far right one under paper chase on the VK site:
I could also see you in the Dollar and a Half Cardigan from IK

Jay Queue said...

No, I didn't know she's the new editor. How cool is that?

You are right about which cardigans like in VK and IK. I also think I might make the far right one under Designer Allure on the VK website. I want it in black, though.

WK said...

That one looks nice too, but I don't like it as well, (but I have only seen the one picture on the website).

Jay Queue said...

I was thinking that if I did it in black, I could leave it "you know where." You know, for emergency "I have to try to dress like a grown-up" needs. I might have to reevaluate my plan on this if you really think it's not that great ...