Thursday, May 3, 2007

Breathe and Relax??

I stayed up to midnight last night and finished the knitting on the Breathe, Relax socks for TL. I still need to sew in the ends and have him try them on, but I think I can guarantee that I'll have them ready for him to wear at the end of grade tests that start on the 21st of this month. Do you know the little rotter had the nerve to ask me if I thought they'd be done in time on Tuesday?

The reason I stayed up getting them done was not pressure from TL, however. I had to get them to at least their current state before I could let myself cast on the sweater I'm making. Since class is in the morning (yikes!) and I'm supposed to at least get a couple of inches knit before then, I was pushing myself. It seems as though I may be staying up late tonight and getting up early even though I don't need to be anywhere until class starts at 9:30.

I'll take a photo of the socks on a willing model tonight and try to post about them tomorrow after class. I suppose I should have time to breathe and relax sometime after the baby blanket is finished. I'm 1/2 -way there and it's deadline isn't until May 20!


WK said...

Wow! You are getting a lot done right now. I am not sure how you are knitting that late at night, especially on little needles. I hope TL likes his socks. I'm looking forward to seeing a picture. What sweater are you making?

Jay Queue said...

Well, the late night knitting goes pretty well unless I fall asleep mid-needle or mid-row. Usually MM will wake me up and then I'll fix whatever needs fixing. Then I go to bed. I think being very stubborn helps keep me awake, but not always. I read somewhere this weekend that knitting lends itself to being obsessive! Isn't that crazy? Who would think a think like that?