Thursday, May 17, 2007

Blogger needs help

Ok, for some reason I can't figure out how to delete my last stupid post. I don't know how it got entered twice anyway.

I figured out what was wrong with mobile uploads--Blogger doesn't support uploads from US Celluar.
This means it will be awhile before I upload any pictures because.......
1. Must take picture with digital camera #3 (mine) instead of megapixel phone camera.
2. Must pull memory card from camera and load pictures on to our server OR attach stupid cord to laptop to retrieve pictures from camera.
3. Must save picture in a place I can find it again.
4. Must load to Blogger.

1. Take picture with camera phone.
2. Upload picture to Flickr.
3. Edit Flickr picture, rights, etc.
4. Duplicate picture on blog.

Hmm, maybe that's why all my new pictures are on Facebook? I snap, click and it's there. Gee technology makes everything better, right?

I ordered a bonanza of lace knitting stuff from Knitpicks this morning. Baby Alpaca is $5 a hank versus $30 at the local store. I also ordered some nice bulky wool for--you guessed it--dog sweaters! I want to make a cute little hoodie in black & gold before fall.

I am also desperate for some help with double point needles. So far I think they are evil. No matter what I do all the yarn ends up on one needle. Magic loop seemed promising, but I think that between knitting "English" style AND my general lack of coordination it just might be too much. Socks may never happen either. I WANT to learn this technique so I can make some felted small bowls for my spanking new office. I think everyone needs a felted bowl for paperclips--right? When I get out the double points I am reminded of my sewing machine lessons. I cheated my way through a mandatory 6 week home ec class in junior high, and both my grandmothers and 2 aunts tried to teach me to use a sewing machine. All of them gave up. It requires some sort of coordination and use of mechanical skills that I just don't have the right combination of....and I can't blame my math disability I'm afraid.


WK said...

Would Picasa work better than Flickr for you? The pictures I post in the blog are "magically" part of picasa ( I also link to pictures in Flickr ( Why? that's a good question. because I started that way is probably the real answer. Possibly better answers are to not use space allowed for our blog and because Flickr allows creative commons licenses to be atached to photos, not that I expect anyone to ever want to use any of my photos. But it's the principle of the thing...

Sari said...

I use Picassa to upload my pictures to Flickr. Picassa is a HOG and made my brand new laptop run slowly, so I am rethinking using it at all. Thank you live in tech support.