Tuesday, October 2, 2007

It is time to get serious

I SWORE that this year I would make some Christmas presents. In fact, I even told a couple people I would make them scarves (not TOO hard...) in order to force myself. However, other than asking for the color of people's winter coats--I have done NOTHING. I started working with the baby alpaca yarn, and have ripped it out about 4 times. And that was for me anyway!

John has been waiting for a hat for 3 years. Knitpicks.com now has free magic loop instructions online. I am going to try the technique AGAIN. If it fails, I will have to break down and learn to use the double points.

It might be time for me to go back to dog apparel. It's almost the season where they can wear stuff.

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WK said...

We need to get together sometime so I can see if I can help you with knitting in the round. Not that I'm an expert or anything.

The other option for a hat is to knit it flat and then seam it up. I found a few sites with free patterns doing a simple google search for hat knit flat.