Thursday, October 25, 2007

All I do is buy stuff, never finish

Last month, I bought 5 new knitting books. I also spent money on stockpiling the stash while Hobby Lobby had some good sales. I learned last year that they don't put the yarn on sale during the winter when you would actually use it. All I have made so far is one headband--but it really looked fabulous.

My plan earlier this summer was to make knitted Christmas gifts for my student employees. Since the number has expanded to 45 (and the number of finished projects=0), I have to move on to other ideas.

However, it's almost cold enough for the dogs to wear outfits again! Sissy has an adorable Halloween t-shirt, and I have approximately 7 (knit, not sewn or felted) other projects ready to go.

On another note, I just discovered JoJoLand yarns.
I am a HUGE fan of varigated yarns--less boring on repetitive patterns and they hide mistakes. I will be placing an order soon.......against my better judgement.Link


Jay Queue said...

Wow, thanks for clue-ing me into JoJoLand yarns! I've been thinking about doing some lacier things and that yarns looks lovely! Please let us know what you order and how you like it, OK??

I have many, many plans to get projects of all sorts done; very few of them seem to see the light of day. My point? At least we're not alone!

Why don't you take a photo of the headband (or ask WK to do it), and post it so we can see?

janna said...

And JoJoLand's cashmere is absolutely wonderful! I made a pair of lacy fingerless mitts for my sister and had more than enough left in the skein for a little "case" for my new camera.

WK said...

You are no help! I don't need to know about that website -- I also have bought more than I have used. And I have been trrying to be really careful about over buying. I haven't finished getting everything into Ravelry yet because I have a bit of yarn.