Friday, September 23, 2011

New phone New Blogger app

Well, we decided that since M's schedule had changed so much that he couldn't pick up TurtleLad every day that TL would have to start riding the bus and then walk 2 miles from the bus stop to home. It was a hard thing for me to be Okay with, but he is in middle school. So, because he'd worked hard all summer to earn his 1st mp3 player, we decided to 'upgrade' his reward to a phone (which does play music). Naturally, this decision caused TL's parents to research the best phones and balance it with the budget, etc. This caused us to gauge these new phones against our Really Old phones -- I mean our plans had expired over a year ago -- and we found our phones wanting. The result? Not surprisingly, we have 3 new (refurbished) smart phones at our house. YAY! I just downloaded a Bloogger app, so I should be able to post more knitting stuff. At least there's a chance I will be able to post on-the-fly from the phone.

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