Thursday, July 14, 2011

Bamboo Dishcloth

So Rick and I went to some garage sales last month, and I got a fabulous knitting guide from the 1960s with 900 stitch patterns. I have been experimenting with using them to make dishcloths. This one turned out well, so I will post the pattern here.

I used Sugar and Cream Cotton yarn, color? I never save the ball bands!
Size 8 needles--use 1 size larger than you usually use

Cast on 36
Rows 1-3 Knit all
Row 4 Knit 3, *yo, K2, pass YO over the K2* repeat ** until 3 stitches left, end Knit 3
Row 5 Knit 3, purl all to last 3, end Knit 3

Repeat Rows 4 & 5 until the cloth is your desired length.
End with 3 rows Knit, then cast off loosely.

The picture is right off the needles, so you can see that blocking some will help. This is a pretty thick cloth with some texture for scrubbing.

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