Saturday, April 12, 2008

I LOVE Claire Crompton's books. This is the 3rd one I have purchased. While I don't think I will make all of the bags, there are some very nice ones. It's the little things that I like about her books: the back edge has a ruler and and an abbreviations guide, and and even though they are hardcover, there is a flap to hold your page. Best part for me: her directions are line-by-line, no "repeat row 2" stuff, and large.

The first bag I will make is from the cover. It's a stash busting bag that is simply woven strips of stockinette stitch--looks like patchwork, but easier!


WK said...

There are some nice bags in this book. I looked at the KnitPicks site which includes 12 pictures of bags

Jay Queue said...

I just looked at the KnitPicks site for the book that WK mentioned. I was wondering if I'd like any of the bags besides the one on the cover. Too often I like the cover projects on books, and then not like the rest of the book. This time the photos look like it would be worthwhile checking out the book. From what you describe, I'd probably like her books,too!