Sunday, April 6, 2008

Creative Knitting Magazine

I usually purchase 2-3 knitting books per month. The goal is 1, but if there is something good at the UIHC bookstore, I have to get it. Fortunately, they don't sell this magazine. I purchased 2 issues of it, and then for some reason I got a $10/year subscription offer. Well, that's the magic price for Sari--subscription ordered. I like this magazine, because it has a variety of patterns--many of which are sized to at least 2x. I'm not sure I'll ever knit a sweater, but it's nice to know that I could.

Last week, I took a lace knitting class. It was pretty much a waste of time for me--I didn't get much out of it. I don't know why I think that I can take creative arts classes when I need to pay attention--I always get overstimulated and can't think straight. I do however, think that maybe I can do some easy lace knitting like this now.


WK said...

I was just looking at this issue today! It has some nice things in it. I think the shawl you like is similar to the small pattern we got at the class and similar to JQ's first lace project. Another thing that looks fun is the chevron scarf done with 2 different colors of Koigu (

Jay Queue said...

I like this magazine, too. I haven't looked at this issue (yet), but have a few older issues.

I'm sorry you didn't get much out of the lace knitting class!

janna said...

Hmmm..... could you bring that issue into work?

And the bag looks great! That's a good idea to sew the edges shut to dry.