Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Knitting Pattern-A Day-Calendar

So, I got this calendar for Christmas. I like it, even though some of the patterns are definitely not for me. I have been flagging the ones I might like, and it turns out that I have about 10 flagged so far and that's pretty good for 7 weeks worth of patterns. I found the calendar site through which a designer can submit patterns for the next calendar. It includes a TOC for this year's calendar.

The reason for mentioning the calendar, in truth, is because twofold. I decided I could rate it like WK does for books and I LOVE today's pattern.

I am trying to not read ahead, but the pattern directions seem to be clear (good since this is an edited work of patterns from many designers), the yarns are ones I can imagine using, no polyester, man-made yuck so far, and the photos are helpful. There isn't a stitch dictionary, as there is in many books, but I think they'd have to have an appendix for that. Difficult in a calendar page-a-day format. Also, there is a good mix of types of projects, hats, socks, washcloths, etc. One caveat is that several patterns, including today's take up more than one day (page), so you really don't get 365 patterns. Not a huge problem since there's no way I could knit them all in one year. Unless I decided to become a stay-at-home person, which would put a crimp in my knitting budget!

So today's pattern is called "Tortuga Hat Pattern" and was submitted by Lynn Bartsch. I searched for an image online, but couldn't find one, so you'll have to wait until I make TL one or buy the calendar. This pattern takes 3 days worth of calendar, so it might be a while. I feel I have to make it pretty soon, though, or TL will hate me for making it for him, although Lynn seems to have made one for herself as well as her kid.

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WK said...

I am looking forward to seeing the hat!