Monday, September 17, 2007

Checking In

Hey there! I just wanted to let you all know that I have not forgotten my recent promise to copy WK and get back into blogging my knitting. I did knit this summer, but have not taken the time to prove it to anyone. I got bogged down in being too hot (long string of 100+ days here in Aug.) followed by back-to-school for TL.

TL has started to get back into the swing of school, I think. I hope. This will mean extra time in my evening for fun, which as recently been given up to nagging him to get his school work and piano practicing finished before bed time. Yuck!! He and I (MM having worked all weekend, again), toiled away at a 3-D map project ALL weekend. Thankfully, it is finished, he did a great deal of the work himself (I had to deny him the pleasures of the Exacto Knife), and is extremely pleased with himself. I am exhausted, but we since it's due on Friday, we decided it would be best to have it finished off on the weekend.

So, that's my current string of excuses for not taking photos of my own stash and projects. In my defense, I am Still Waiting for the yarn I ordered for a cardigan project that I had slated to finish over the summer. It "really should be in soon." I hope I get it before Christmas shopping season ...

Meanwhile, I will make efforts tonight to at least closely read the recent spate of blog postings and to make responses. If TL has his homework done when I pick him up ... finger crossed.


WK said...

I didn't mean to put pressure on you to read when you actually have a life. But do tell about the yarn you are waiting for! What will you be making?

Jay Queue said...

I'm not too sure that I do have a life, but I seem to keep myself occupied! :) More on the sweater in a bit.