Tuesday, March 27, 2007

JQ's First Socks

Pair #1
Well, I thought I should also jump in and post about some recently finished projects of mine. In the last two months I've finished two pair of socks, using very different yarns and patterns. We don't really need to get into how long ago I started either of these pair of socks.

On my very first sock, which I affectionately call Sock #1, I used Regia sock yarn (Regia Cotton Color), which is made in Italy, but the label is in German. I got it at my local yarn store, so it didn't seem all that exotic until I tried to read the label. I'm not sure what convinced me to start with "good" yarn on my first try, but I believe it had something to do with the option to knit no patterns into the sock, but to rely on the self-striping properties of the yarn to give them some uniqueness and beauty. Since it was also my first adventure on double-pointed needles, I was hoping that the stripes might hide any deficiencies. I used a Regia pattern leaflet called "Inspiration: Kreative Strickideen, socks with the whole Regia family, which was recommended to me at the yarn store as a good set of beginner patterns.

Since I didn't actually have to follow any of the charts, or pay close attention to any pattern since I'd decided to only knit, it worked out well for me. The chart on sizing was good, told me how many stitches for the height, width and turning the heel, how many stitches to pick up, etc. And it gives all the details for each type of yarn available from the company. The instructions on how to work the sock seemed crystal clear for Sock #1, but somehow were a little murkier for Sock #2, but since I had a model to work from, I think the pair turned out OK.

It took me a while, and a different pair of socks completed, for me to get back to getting Sock #2 started and finished. Sock #2 is a misnomer, I realize, since it's technically Sock #4, but I had to have it match up with Sock #1. This is a known problem for me. Anyhow, I'm about to ship these off to Mom, so I wanted to write about them while I could.

Pair #2
For this pair of socks I used a really nice and easy pattern from Jacqueline Fee's The Sweater Workshop, 2nd edition. The materials I used were a set of 5 double-pointed size 4 needles and Sugar'n Cream 100% cotton yarn from Lily Cotton. I started these as a quick project to show a friend how to knit. She is now pregnant (and not knitting yet) hence the aforementioned baby blanket. As you can see by looking closely at the toes, I somehow managed to knit them purl side out. I have decided that I won't be working any more socks in yarn this heavy. I prefer the finer yarns, to be sure. They are very cushy and cozy, though.

WK has already done lots of cool things with patterns in her socks, and I'll likely give it a try after I'm done with the baby blanket I'm working on now. She and I went to a yarn store together recently and she FORCED me to buy lots of cool sock yarns, so I'm hoping to increase the sophistication of my socks.


WK said...

Nice socks! I'm glad you now have two pair not two mismatched socks like you did in Atlanta. I'll be slowy adding my other socks to the blog to stretch out my posts and make me look really active.

JQ said...

Good idea. I'm going to photo the very newly started blanket tonight and make progress reports to stretch mine. I think I might just photo some yarn when I get desperate.